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Our Story

From California to the big island


For generations our soap recipes have been loved across America. Black Sands Emporium's founder, Loyce Henderson began making soap in California, helping her grandmother craft several batches of soap each year for Indigenous Americans around Flagstaff, Arizona. While in Florida, the seeds of Black Sands Emporium were planted when Loyce founded Grandma And Me Soaps, offering handcrafted soap and body products at local farmers markets and craft shows in the Tampa area.


In 2016, Loyce brought her love for soap to the Big Island of Hawaii and began to make soap and body products, with more aloha, and launched Black Sands Emporium. Through to July 2020,  all of our products could be found at Ali'i Gardens Marketplace but due to the recent events, our products are now exclusively offered through our website.

CBD Infused

Our Industrial Hemp Extract products are made using the highest quality cannabidiol, which is legal in all 50 States and our territories.  The extract is manufactured at one of the first of three accredited labs in Colorado and Black Sands Emporium only uses Industrial Hemp Extract Cannabidiol processed with CO2. 


All products that are intended to be ingested are infused with industrial hemp crystal isolate, which has ZERO THC.  Body products are infused with industrial hemp full spectrum extracts which contain 85% CBD  and <0.03% THC. As products applied topically do not break the blood barrier wall, small amounts of THC are 100% safe in salves, lotions and other body care products.  

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